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Ruki - Agony live IRF-


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Day 11 - Wearing Kigurumis (Bonus: Sophie!) Prompt by me!

“What is it for, though?” Sephiroth asked, tilting his head to stare at the folded brown fabric and the cartoonish head gazing up at him from sewn-on eyes.

“They’re pajamas,” Cloud said, smiling sweetly and bouncing their baby lightly. “Mom sent some for Sophie, then insisted on sending some for us too! She even had me hunt down your tailor so she could get the right measurements.”

“I don’t wear pajamas,” Sephiroth commented, quirking an eyebrow at Cloud. “I don’t get cold.”

“Yes you do,” Cloud sighed, rolling his eyes. “You’re just too good at pretending you’re not. Come on. My mom made them. And Sophie’s wearing hers, aren’t you sweetheart?”

Sophie stared at him blankly and grabbed his nose in a small, chubby hand. Sephiroth smiled as he watched Cloud tilt into the touch and pretend to gnaw on Sophie’s arm, much to their baby’s delight. He winced at her shriek of joy, but kept smiling anyway.

“I think it suits her better than it would me,” Sephiroth responded, fixing the way the bright-yellow chick-faced hood sat on their child’s forehead so that it was just perfect on her chubby face. Sophie’s bright blue eyes turned to him and she kicked happily, grabbing at his finger. “I was not made for ‘adorable.’ I’m much better at menacing.”

“Oh don’t be silly,” Cloud shook his head, detaching Sophie’s hold on his nose—she was undeterred and simply grabbed his hair instead. “I bet you were just as adorable when you were a baby as Sophie is now.”

Sephiroth didn’t respond. It was an uncomfortable thought. He shifted and glanced away, not wanting to think of the labs and his baby in the same train of thought. Cloud sighed at his reticence and reached out, holding Sophie carefully in the crook of one arm and pulling lightly on one of Sephiroth’s bangs.

“Come on.” Cloud said softly. “Relax. It’s just us family here. You won’t damage your reputation or anything.”

Sephiroth sighed, then nodded. “Go change into yours first,” he insisted. “Sophie can stay with me. Then I’ll…Put mine on. Just so you can tell your mother I did.”

“Stop calling her ‘your mother.’ She’s our mother now, husband.” Cloud passed over baby Sophie, carefully untangling his hair from her chubby fingers. “And she’s more interested in you being warm at night than in my reports of what you think of her gifts.”

“Heh,” Sephiroth muttered, wincing as Sophie yanked on his hair with surprising force. “I’ll see what I can do.”

He tried to plan while Cloud was changing. The bear pajamas stared up at him benignly and he tried to keep his eyes off them. He’d spent his whole life building a fearsome reputation. As glad as he was that Cloud had seen through that enough to trust him and love him, he wasn’t certain how far he was willing to go to continue that sort of gentrification of his character…

Sophie babbled softly up at him, and Sephiroth offered her a pinky to suck on. She happily attacked it, gumming it ferociously. He smiled at the feel of new teeth that would be poking through soon. She was growing so fast. He wandered through the living room, holding her in the crook of his arm, admiring how the sweet chick pajamas made her eyes look so very blue. She must have been comfortable in it, because she already looked drowsy, suckling on his finger like a pacifier with droopy eyes. Her grip in his hair even relaxed.

“Okay,” Cloud said, his voice a little trepidatious. “Um, how’s it look?”

Sephiroth lifted his head and couldn’t help the smile that sprung to his lips. The ‘Rilakkuma Kigurumi,’ as they’d been labeled, looked perfect on Cloud. There was a faint, warm blush on his cheeks, and the tan bear pajamas looked cozy and snuggly. They were cut in such a way that when he spread his arms a little, they looked shorter than usual, as did his legs. Sephiroth found himself chuckling, even as Cloud walked over to scoop their sleepy daughter carefully out of his arms.

“It’s adorable,” Sephiroth laughed softly, bending to kiss Cloud’s blushing cheek. “Your mother chose well for both of you”

“Well,” Cloud said, cradling Sophie close against his chest as their tiny daughter yawned hugely. “All we’re missing is a papa bear.”

Sephiroth looked to the folded bear costume and took a deep breath. He glanced to his husband and daughter and let the breath out slowly, nodding carefully. He lifted the pajamas with a careful movement, feeling rather like he was headed to the gallows rather than to change clothes in their bedroom.

He stripped slowly, still staring at the smiley bear face. He wasn’t certain he was going to put it on until the moment he was buttoning it up. He sighed. It was a perfect fit. He shouldn’t have been surprised—his mother in law always planned ahead. He stood there for a moment, his eyes closed, not wanting to look at himself. Then he glanced down. The outfit was cut in such a way that it actually managed to make him look tubby. He had never looked tubby in his life. His vanity flared in his mind, and he shook it off, turning to exit the room and rejoin his family. Cloud would be pleased, if nothing else.

His lover looked up from where he’d been snuggling Sophie, and something inside Sephiroth relaxed. They were precious together as mama bear and chick. It warmed something in his chest. Cloud’s eyes widened, the same bright blue as their sweet, babbling daughter’s.

“Oh my god,” Cloud said, sounding shocked. “You can blush. I didn’t know you could blush. I’ve never seen you…Are you okay?”

Sephiroth shifted, glancing away, wishing the hood covered a little more of his face. “I believe the point of these is to go to bed. Sophie is already tired.”

Sophie yawned hugely with a whine, drawing both of their gazes. Her little hands balled into fists, and she started chewing on one of them sleepily. Cloud cooed and wrapped her in a firmer hug. He walked over to Sephiroth and leaned against him. Sephiroth sighed at the feel of his weight, and lifted a hand to rest on Sophie’s head. She was already almost asleep.

“She had a big dinner,” Cloud commented softly. “She’s growing so fast. no wonder she gets so tired.”

Sephiroth smiled and dropped a kiss to the top of Cloud’s hood. He walked with him to the bedroom, glancing to Sophie’s crib before shaking his head a little.

“Let’s have her in our bed for a little while,” he murmured softly. “She likes it better there anyhow. And I sleep lightly enough that I will wake if she is in any distress.”

“You don’t have to explain to me,” Cloud said, shaking his head and smiling up at Sephiroth. “You know I like having her nearby.”

They climbed into bed without further discussion. With the warm kigurumi there was no need for covers. Sephiroth lay across the bed from Cloud, smiling as he settled Sophie carefully between them. She yawned again and wiggled for a moment, tiny feet kicking in her precious chick pajamas. Sephiroth rested his hand over her torso and rubbed his thumb over her tiny collarbones. She settled under the warm touch of his hand, babbling softly to herself as she edged towards sleep.

“So,” Cloud said softly, lying on his side across from them and smiling at his daughter. “You like them. Right?”

“Hn,” Sephiroth murmured as Cloud’s hand joined him resting lightly over their sleepy daughter. “They are…cozy.”

Cloud shifted his hand to pet Sephiroth’s knuckles lightly in approval before resting his fingers back over Sophie’s chest, feeling her breathe. Silence fell between them as their tiny daughter fell asleep. They lay there in their ridiculous pajamas, eyes only for their precious child. The pajamas were warm, without a doubt, but Sephiroth thought they were nothing in comparison to the feeling of finally having a family.

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